Alexandre Moura
Video Teacher
Graduated in Communication Sciences - Journalism, by the School of Education of the University of Algarve in 2003. Journalist since 2000 for the press, radio and television, in the areas of current affairs, culture, sports and general information. Correspondent journalist in Algarve for national sport television channel SportTV, he collaborated with several foreign television channels such as ITV (Ireland), SBS Television (Australia) or TV ASAHI (Japan) and other national producers, in the areas of directing, production, reporting and documentary. In the press he was a collaborator for national media such as the newspaper Diário de Notícias, magazines of the Global Notícias group, newspaper O Jogo, magazine J and at the regional level he collaborated with Jornal 123 Algarve, Sueste Magazine, magazine ECO 123 and was editor of the newspaper O Algarve.

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