Isaque Sanches
Video Games Teacher

Isaque Sanches is a game designer, programmer, technical artist, and video game producer, born in Lausanne, son of Portuguese parents.

Studied Informatics at Instituto Superior Técnico and Development of Video Games at Restart.

He devoted a significant part of his professional life to exploring interactive systems as an art form, from an experimental perspective: he has worked in several installations, both personally and collectively, he has been part of residencies linked to hacker culture and demoscene, he is an enthusiast of game jams, and has developed theatrical games, escape rooms, "voidscape" and "not-games" as a hobby.

He also dedicated another part of his career to crystallize concrete and replicable knowledge in matters of usability, design and systems architecture - knowledge that, in turn, crosses technologies, markets, and business cultures.

Developed products for mobile, PC, AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality); he worked for both startups and multinationals and has experience in the area of entertainment, serious games, gamification, and digitalization of the industrial sector.

He currently works as a technical game designer at Virtuleap, and as a producer at Not a Game Studio.

He worked as a senior developer of AR and VR at Siemens Portugal, as a lead developer and game designer at Infinity Games, as an AR and VR developer at Cycloid, as a developer and game designer at Stratera Studio, and as a VR developer at 360 Play.

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