Luís Caracinha
Design Teacher
Luís Caracinha is a natural creative. Although we can find him involved in different types of projects, from design to music, from directing to literature, Luís is not recognized as any of the professionals who operate in the areas mentioned. He prefers to assume himself as a creative who explores different forms of expression to convey a message, an objective. At about 15 years old he started his studies in Design and, at the same time, started to explore musical instruments and their combinations. During adolescence he developed knowledge in both areas: self-taught Music and Design in a technical school. At the age of 16, he had his first professional experience as a designer, and at the same time he gave his first concert. That was how, by the end of 2005, he started his career. As a musician (bass, double bass and guitar), composer and lyricist, Luís participated in projects of different backgrounds such as Traditional and Popular Music from Alentejo, Fado, Blues and Rock. Sphinx, Folião Pilots, The Miranda’s and Riding a Meteor are some of his projects. Four years ago, he also started co-producing and composing songs for other artists. In 2015 he founded Epopeia - Make It Happen.

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