Luís Rocha
Sound & Music Trainer
He was born in 1977, in Loulé, where from an early age he began to be interested in music, playing guitar in several bands of originals and versions that gave him the chance to meet the most diverse people. It was also at this stage that the first wheels began to "clank". He worked as a graphic designer for a few years, deciding, afterwards, that the graphic design fell short of expectations and realized that what really mattered was the audio. He made a big change and started working on various sound works, production and technical direction of shows, both with national and international bands and, in the last 5 years of his life, he put the instruments aside, and devoted all his time to work in the audio field, making live sound and working in the studio. In early 2013, in collaboration with a colleague, he embodied an old dream: created an audio studio in Faro, where he develops recording, recording, musical production, voiceover, etc. He is a certified trainer by IEFP and has been working at ETIC_Algarve since the first year, in the area of Editing, Audio Capture and Live Sound.

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