Patrício Faísca
Video Teacher
Patrício Faísca, was born on August 22nd, 1986 and is a Portuguese filmmaker with extensive experience in production, direction and editing of feature films, short films, ads and video clips. A fan of guerrilla style (low budget films), he has been extremely successful in raising production values using a combination of great preparation and post-production skills (especially in composing images and visual effects). "Comando" (2010), "Lost Haven" (2013) and "Payload" (2014) are some of his works produced and all of them are examples of his style of destruction and action. Patrício founded New Light Pictures in 2012. Since then, he has worked with several nationally acclaimed actors (Diogo Morgado, Marco Horácio, Rui Unas, Vera Kolodzig, Diogo Amaral) and artists (Jimmy P, Valete, DJ Ride). More recently, he was the producer and editor of Diogo Morgado's new film, "Malapata" (2017).

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