Roger Oliveira
Video Teacher
Roger Oliveira graduated in Psychology at ISCTE-IUL, despite his professional career in directing and production of Graphic Arts. In 2000, he started his journey in Lisbon through Photography at APAF, Photography & Video in Manchester (UK), Audiovisuals and Interactive Systems at Restart and Web Development at ETIC Lisboa. This mix of knowledge has helped him to be a producer of media content since 2005, serving this title as an approximation to different projects carried out in different areas, commercially and artistically, on national and international soil, some of these works recognized and awarded. Collaborated with brands such as EDP, Continente, MEO, NOS, BIAL, FNAC, Longines, Mont Blanc, artistically with names such as the National Ballet Company, Rui Lopes Graça, João Penalva, Claudio Hochman, Leonor Keil, and academically collaborated in research with FCSH (Faculty of Social and Human Sciences). His work was featured in some publications like Time Out and Vogue Italy, and they have also been showed at the Panorama and Monstra festivals. From 2011 to 2016, he specialized in 360º content development, having created the first 360º video made in Portugal and later the Portuguese 360º video with more views for Agir. He likes the countryside air where he can recharge batteries and concentrate on what he likes to do most, which involves crossing disciplines and technologies, directing and post-production, and more recently teaching new talents.

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