Tânia Silva
Video Teacher
Born in Faro. Graduated in Economics and post graduated in Communication, Culture and Arts - Specialization in Theater from the University of Algarve. Completed the Course of Actors, Technicians and Theater Entertainers by ACTA - The Companhia de Teatro do Algarve. She was taught by Andrzej Kowalski, António Branco, Dario Fo, Evegueni Beleaev, Franca Rame, Inês Barahona, José Carlos Garcia, José Louro, José Manuel Ávila Costa, José Mário Branco, Madalena Victorino, Manuela de Freitas, Nuno Pino Custódio, Pedro Monteiro, Pedro Ramos, Sofia Cabrita and Tó Quintas, among others. She worked with the creators Luís Vicente, Joaquim Benite, Jorge Soares, Paulo Moreira, Paulo Matos, Pedro Monteiro, José Lourenço, José Carlos Garcia, João de Brito, Andrzej Kowalski, Gerhard Weber, Leszek Mądzik, Pierre-Etienne Heymann, Jean-Guy Lecat and Ignacio García. She worked in the cinema / video area with Carlos Fraga, Dider Kerbat, Diogo Simão, João Marco, Marcos Clímaco, Miguel Munhá, Pedro Matos, Pedro Pinto, Rodrigo Machado, among others. She worked in the music field with Afonso Dias, Igor Martins, João Melro, Luís Henrique, Luís Lourenço, Mário Spencer, Pedro Gil and Zé Eduardo. In 2016 she was one of the founders of A FERA TEATRO - Associação Cultural. Since 2004, she works in the areas of theater, cinema, television, music, dance and training.

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