Vasco Trindade
Design Teacher
Born in Lisbon, I was still very young when I "returned" to the Algarve from my family roots. Here, not only did I found - and still find - inspiration in light, in the intensity of colors, in nature and in its "noisy" silence, but also in popular wisdom and its applications in technique, technology and work. If I had an obsessive passion for drawing since I was a child, it was in my teens that I discovered my vocation for design. Throughout my education as a communication designer, I ended up focusing on areas such as typography, editorial design or branding. Despite the imposition of the use of digital, in all my work I try to integrate a manual and artisanal dimension to produce content. In a 20-year professional career, I worked on several editorial projects as creative and production director, in parallel with activity as a freelancer. Four years ago I was one of the co-founders of BESTA :: Advertising & Social branding, in Albufeira.

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