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Keep being

Restless/A Bit Crazy

At ETIC_Algarve we provide excellent training for the Creative Industries. We encourage a restless spirit and permanent unsettled state, because we believe this is the best way to feed creativity.

We seek the constant challenge of innovation and for that we have a committed team and a relaxed, but no less demanding environment.

In the heart of Faro city, our school is one of the creative lungs of the region. Here we live and breathe creativity, but also rigor and work capacity, in a space that enhances the freedom to create.

Keeping the Creative Bug Alive
Since 2010

​More than 2000 trainees have already benefited from the unusual alliance we created at ETIC_Algarve.

In one hand, we have trainers who are distinguished for being experienced professionals on the market. On the other hand, we gathered a diverse array of the most modern equipment. This allows the existence of curricular and extra-curricular projects, in permanent contact with the labour market, enhanced by partnerships, protocols and projects.

It´s through this alliance that our graduates obtain privileged experiences and knowledge. But that’s not all. We seek to innovate and improve with each passing day.

We take long strides in Europe with Erasmus + Internships, through which we send our trainees to study in several European cities for 3 months. We have also established pedagogical protocols that allow them to obtain Level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework and continuing their studies in European higher schools.

This is our spirit and you can experience it too in this unique school, south of Portugal.