The School


From the Town Market
to The Labor Market

We are located in the heart of the city, at the Faro Municipal Market, in a space where you can breathe creativity, rigor and work capacity.

We have 600m2 in constant evolution, where what exists today may change tomorrow. Our space is multipurpose, multifaceted and inspiring to encourage the freedom to create.

The Classrooms

This is where the imagination can become a reality. Our 6 modern classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and are suited to the reality of the creative industries.

With iMac computers, graphics tablets and a variety of sound equipment at your disposal, there are no technical limits. In each of our classrooms, there’s an invitation for our students to do their best.

The Studio

It is a multipurpose space where anything can happen.
Inside the 110m2 of the Studio you can really feel the frenzy of learning put into practice.

In addition to classes in Photography and Video courses, the Studio is prepared to host all types of Photography sessions (Fashion, Advertising, Nude, etc.) and Video recordings (talk shows, video clips, concerts, etc.). A great array of Photography, Video, Sound and Projection equipment creates endless possibilities.

The area of the Studio also allows it to be used as an Auditorium for presentations, conferences, workshops and Product and Equipment Demonstrations, promoted by ETIC_Algarve and external entities.