Since 2015, ETIC_Algarve has been able through the ERASMUS + program – with projects approved and financed by the European Commission – to assign mobility to its trainees / students and employees.

Following on the pioneering spirit that moves ETIC_Algarve to “learn how to do by practicing”, this European mobility program has provided its participants the opportunity to improve skills, to have contact with new working methods, and to acquire new (socio-cultural) abilities that allow personal and professional growth. It’s a major contribution to the strengthening of the region’s human resources in the creative industries.

For ETIC_Algarve the ERASMUS + Program is increasingly a reference, a symbol of growth and recognition.

ETIC_Algarve saw its work recognized by the Good Practices Award 2018 from the National Erasmus + Agency Education and Training. It distinguished 4 years of work in the Program, namely the good implementation and also the physical and financial management.

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