Testimony by Gustavo Leu, graduated on the Music Creation, Production and Sound Techniques course

…. It is full-hearted that I end this experience that will still give much to talk about and somehow will continue. I come from Berlin with lots of good memories, more confidence and more focus as well.

It may sound cliché but I have to say that this ERASMUS+ changed my life, adding that it all started the day I decided to go to ETIC_Algarve.

It was the culmination of the good things this beautiful community has given me. Thank you all!

Specifically on ERASMUS+ my special thank you to Virginia – tireless, fiery, dear Virginia.

We know that you strive to get the best out of this experience and that should be honored. Thanks!

I must also thank God for allowing everything to flow well.
I went back and forth safe and sound and this should also be praised!

There was also a promise that when there is an opportunity they will contact me and also letters of recommendation from them and all the support I need.

Finally….. What else is there to say, isn’t it? There are no words.

Graduated in Music Creation, Production and Sound Techniques

Student of the Communication and Multimedia Design course

The training I obtained at ETIC_Algarve prepared me to get to the work market in the area of Video Games!

Videogame course graduate

The word that defines this feeling is gratitude. Thank you for being part of this wonderful educational institution that is ETIC_Algarve. I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of the choice I made.

Digital Marketing & Social Media course Student

Signing up for ETIC_Algarve, [was] one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. Being able to work and learn from the professionals I met becomes rewarding and gives me more experiences for the future.

Graduated in Music Production and Creation

Thank you for all the attention you have given us. Without any doubt that I will take more courses with you, it was a awesome experience.

Graduated in Design and Communication for Social Media

Not just two years of learning, but also of sharing, helping, work, new friendships, miracles and growth.

Not just two years of learning, but also sharing, helping, work, new friendships, miracles and growth. I am very grateful to the community that works so hard to make things work … Teachers and non-teachers with whom I had the privilege to work! They have always helped me in many ways … In so many ways! I leave ETIC_Algarve with a full heart, certainly with more knowledge, and it was a completed goal that (about) 11 years ago I set out to do (and when there was nothing).

… if there is one thing I have learned, it is that God does not lie and these people are close to you … Nuno Ribeiro, Palmira Leiria, Alexandre Ferreira, Virgínia Inácio, André Pereira and the whole team, Rafael Correia, Luís Rocha. There is no way not to share something that looks like a miracle and that only inspires me to believe more, knowing that if the apparent nothing, all this happened, the apparent nothing of today wonderful things can happen.

thank you very much ❤️

Graduated in Music Creation, Production and Sound Techniques

ETIC_Algarve’s main premise is to prepare its students for the real challenges in their respective professional activities that they may undertake after their training. This way of being allows that companies like Epopeia – Make It Happen to be always open to receive these future professionals because, throughout these years of partnership, ETIC_Algarve has always presented us with people prepared for our reality, with a great sense of responsibility and with “know-how” in line with what the market demands. In these years of collaboration, dozens of trainees from different areas (Design, Photography, Music Production) have passed through our teams, we have created things that make us all proud and allow a continuous sharing of knowledge and, consequently, mutual growth.

Epopeia - Make It Happen

Faro, PT 

ETIC_Algarve has a very cool environment, inspiring people and provides great opportunities.

After a year of working with people full of formalities and arrogance, it felt so good to spend a year in an informal and relaxed place, with friendly people and always willing to help.

Music Production and Creation course Student

Film Direction student

Virgínia and Ema are the best people in the world, they deserve to be treated like angels.

Film and TV Direction course student

Ao longo dos últimos anos, a KOBU Agency tem recebido vários estagiários provenientes da ETIC_Algarve nas áreas de Design de Comunicação, sendo esta parceria considerada por nós bastante profícua. Por um lado, fornecemos aos alunos da ETIC_Algarve um primeiro contacto com o mundo profissional em contexto de agência de comunicação, podendo estes integrar projetos internos ou de clientes. Por outro lado, permite-nos também ter contacto com talentos e competências diversas emergentes desta Escola, o que resulta, por vezes, na integração desses estagiários no quadro da empresa. 

Over the past few years, the KOBU Agency has received several interns from ETIC_Algarve in the areas of Communication Design, and this partnership is considered by us to be quite fruitful. On the one hand, we provide ETIC_Algarve students with a first contact with the professional world in the context of a communication agency, which can integrate internal or client projects. On the other hand, it also allows us to have contact with diverse talents and skills emerging from this School, which sometimes results in the integration of these interns in the company’s staff.

Kobu, Digital Creative Agency

Faro, PT 

ETIC_Algarve is very united, I like the idea of not having “teachers and students”, but co-workers. The atmosphere is always pleasant, I never felt “bored to go to school”

Film and TV Direction course Student

Teachers are very efficient and always available to help.

Electronic Music Course student

“Overcame all

Photography course student

Very good course with quality material and a five star operation, I only feel sorry for being 1 year.

Sound Techniques Course student

Illustration course student

“Just Perfect!”

Very friendly and motivating trainers! Congratulations!”

Graduated in Graphic Design

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