Ideas with Lábia

“Lábia” can be interpreted and translated into “Smart Talk”. To have “Lábia” means you are good at expressing ideas and convincing people with your wittiness and astute choice of words.

We know that our trainees and former trainees have a lot of “lábia”.

And we want to put this “Lábia” to the test and, even better, help transform it into reality. 

For that, we start by offering the participants the condition they need to develop their “Lábia” project. We provide a very unique workspace, directed to stimulate inspiration and give wings to creativity: The “Lábia” Room. Afterwards, with the “Lábia” idea concluded, the participants are invited to present it. What is even better is the fact that through Ideas with “Lábia” – Idea Laboratory of ETIC_Algarve – we support the creation and development of projects with great potential.

Interested in Participating?

There are 2 way to do it: 

a) Apply your project, being it original or of a curricular nature.

b) Participate in the development of ongoing projects.

How does it work?

After your project has been presented, it will be evaluated by ETIC_Algarve. If you are selected,we will provide 3 kinds of support

01. Human and Technical Support

A tutor will be nominated to do the follow up of the development of the project.

02. Logistic Support

The school provides informatic, photographic and video equipment, amongst others, for the development of the project.

03. Financial Support

Condition to be defined for each project.

Do you have questions or doubts?

We are here to clear them up for you. 

Contact us in person or by email:


“Conversation with “Lábia”

To empower inspiration and enlighten our minds, we invite true specialists to share their “Lábia” skills with our trainees.

In the rubric “Conversation with “Lábia””, we promote and encourage Conversations, Debates, Masterclasses, Experimental Sessions and other formats mostly dedicated to the training fields of our School: Animation & Video Games, Design, Photography, Sound & Music, Video and Web & Communication.