Andreia Silva
Video Trainer
As long as I can remember, stories have always had a huge impact on my life. I still remember when my grandmother used to tell me stories about "João Gatão" and so many others, who later came to realize that they were possibly inspired by her personal experience. It was this great passion for stories that brought me to the cinema. Being able to tell a story, bring characters and new worlds to life. Portray emotions and experiences. I started by studying Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication at Universidade Lusófona and quickly realized that I needed to pursue this passion. The curriculum includes films such as "Os Maias", by João Botelho, and "Zeus", by Paulo Filipe Monteiro, where I was part of the production teams. More recently I had the opportunity to write my first feature film, "De Repente, A Vida", in which I was also part of the production team. Whatever the department, the most important thing for me is to let creativity flow.

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