Artur Filipe
Video Games Trainer
Artur Filipe, was born on August 18, 1980, and soon realized that the arts were his world. Graduated in Painting by ARCA-EUAC, Coimbra, in 2004. On his return to the Algarve, he was an EVT teacher at Escola Internacional do Algarve, having started there his passion for Graphic Design. He then went to Lisbon to deepen his knowledge, where he attended professional courses in Multimedia Design and Webdesign. In the Algarve, he developed his work as a Designer for the Da Vinci Education Gyms franchise, passing through Studios such as Triplesky and Inesting. He never abandoned painting and, a few years ago, he developed traditional and digital art, exploring fantastic worlds that led him to illustration and concept art for video games and book covers.

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