Daisi Araújo
Design Trainer
Daisi Renata Morgado Pereira de Deus Araújo, graduated in Visual Design from IADE - Escola Superior de Design (2003). She received her Master's degree in Design and Visual Production from IADE, with her dissertation: "Delta Quiosq, A Authentic Experience of the Senses" (2009).

She has excellent market experience in various areas, having achieved this position thanks to her confidence, quality of work and high standards.

She develops communication projects for companies, institutions and products, working on all visible fronts, presenting global communication solutions, innovative and sustainable projects.

He is currently a visiting assistant professor at ISMT - Instituto Superior Miguel Torga in Coimbra, where he teaches the curricular units of: Project I, Design Technologies, Communication Design II and III, Vector Design, Graphic Design, Introduction to Design, Multimedia Laboratory II for the 1st cycle courses in Communication Design, Business Communication, Multimedia and Journalism.

External trainer at professional training centres: Cincork - Professional Training Centre and Grupo Rumos - Flag, Training Centre with modules on: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Design Theory, Design Process, Colour Theory, Portfolio, Final Arts, Visual Communication and Contemporary Culture, Typography and Art Direction. Translated with (free version)

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