David Rebordão
Video Trainer
From an early age, David Rebordão felt that his life would only be complete if he could entertain people. Being a compulsive cinephile, at the age of 12 he had already seen hundreds of films, which contributed to his Cinematographic education. The feeling arises that one day I would like to do something in the dramatic arts. It started with the Theater, because at the time Television and Cinema seemed inaccessible and the Theater Group was there at hand. At the Theater he experimented with all areas, representation, scenography, lighting and production. He took his first course at the Technical School of Image and Communication where he opted for the area of Repórter Eng, as it made sense that in the beginning of his career, since handling the camera and mastering the shooting techniques were a priority. A few years later, he took the Director course at the same school and went on his biggest adventure, making a feature film in Portugal. As the task would not be easy, neither immediate, he started the journey Doing several works in Advertising, Institutional, Video Clips and Short Films. One of these works is highlighted worldwide, the famous video "A Curva", also known as "The ghost of Sintra". Millions of people watch the video, get scared, comment, discuss and satirize. It became a global phenomenon. In 2007, his career as a Director was launched and he worked for several years in the most diverse formats, gaining the ability to work with tight budgets, where many times his skills as an editor were very useful when he was a Director. Thus, the opportunity arises to try to achieve his dream and he decides to write the feature film RPG - Real Playing Game, which would be produced a few years later with its premiere in 2013.

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