Hugo Santos
Sound & Music Trainer
Born in 1981 in Lisbon, it is in Portimão that he spends his childhood and youth. Since he was a child, he acquired a fascination about the physical behavior of sound, largely due to the influence of his father and the hundreds of vinyl records that surrounded him. In spite of his strong passion for music, he does not decide to learn any instrument, he begins his studies commonly, which leads him to a fleeting passage at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra. In 2002 he joined ESAD in Caldas da Rainha in the Sound and Image course, which exposed him to various ideas and forms of expression through sound and music. At this time the record players and the urban culture of drum and bass were strong influences in his life. He forms various collaborations with musicians and artists and actively participates in the organization of events and exhibitions while living in Caldas da Rainha, but the search for a higher technical knowledge leads him to complete an Audio course at ETIC Lisboa in 2007. It´s from 2007 that he decides to work in Sound Design, initially in advertising and later in cinema, working for Rosa Filmes in feature films in the period 2008-2011. In 2011 he did a postgraduate course in New York at Dubspot, where he specialized in digital mixing and mastering. It´s also at this time that his compositions begin to deserve more prominence in the form of the project Y.L.S. The works in Sound Design and composition of sound pieces are characterized by the use of sounds captured from any sound source that, together with modern audio synthesis techniques, form landscapes and musical harmonies. In this complex processing web, new sounds often appear that are reused as musical instruments, giving originality to the created aesthetics. He currently lives and works in Lisbon where he established a sound studio. In addition to personal projects, he works with different bands and artists who require their specialized work in the area of professional audio.

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