Pedro Pinto
Sound & Music and Web & Communication Trainer
Pedro Pinto is Reflect in the music world, founder of the Algarve publisher Kimahera. He debuted in the editions in 2008 with the album "último acto", which includes the success "A sós with nostalgia". It was followed by the namesake "Reflect", which in 2013 deserved a special release on Antena 3. In 2016, he published the album "12 Canções Faladas e 1 Poema Desesperado", in partnership with the writer and diseur Napoleão Mira. In 2014, he published the posthumous book "De mim para mim" with texts by Carolina Tendon and toured the country on a trip that in 2015 became the album "Gata.". He represented Portugal at the invitation of the BBC to the sound of "Mar e Maré", a theme interpreted live on RTP1 in 2014. In 2017, he launched the powerful single "Eu vou bem" and started 2018 with "Barco de Papel", a theme distinguished with the Prize Best Music Algarve 2018, by Frontal Shock (Alvor FM). Solo or in partnership, he has already stepped on some of the biggest stages in the country: MEO Sudoeste, Imminent Festival, Hard Club, Casa da Música, MED Festival, Sardine Festival, Fatacil, TEMPO, Teatro das Figuras, among many others. Live has the talent of Dezman, John Harth and Sickonce Gijoe, collaborating with the Orchestra directed by Violinist and Conductor João Pedro Cunha. Always active and reinventing himself, in 2019 he launched the singles "Castelo de Cartas" and "Flutua". Reflect's Hip-Hop / Rap has no labels or borders. He lives with emotion that, not fitting in, Pedro overflows in songs that he has made known to the world since 2003.

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