Vanda Brazona
Design Trainer
Graduated in Communication Design by Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes (ISMAT) in 2009. The Communication path comes up at the end of high school, during a professional internship as a journalist, in a Portimão newspaper called “Povo do Algarve” (1998). Journalism was quickly put aside and a passion for editorial design was born. It was the beginning of a career, in the midst of newspapers, magazines, journalists and all this “world” that involved the media. In 2000 she embraces a new project in the weekly newspaper “Barlavento” where she developed and deepened her skills in editorial design. She worked as an art director until 2010. Between 2011 and 2019 she held the role of Brand Manager at Victor Picardo Group, carrying out various projects in the areas of graphic design, marketing and editorial design. She has been a teacher at ETIC_Algarve in the area of editorial design since 2009. Currently she is a freelancer in the areas of branding, graphic and editorial design.

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