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The art of painting new worlds

This course allows to develop practical skills in character and scenery drawing for video games conceptual art.

At the base of entertainment industry, there is a need for artists who can define concepts from thin air or basic ideas, for all the elements that compose games and movies we appreciate so much. Artists with the skill to incorporate aesthetic, cultural and technical elements to create characters, adversaries, backgrounds, machines and creatures for diverse media.

By concluding this training, you will have the possibility of participating in our European Mobility Project ERASMUS+.

ETIC_Algarve provides the possibility of attending a 320h Internship, for the trainees that fulfill the requirements of JUMP – Support to Professional Integration.
Course Plan
1 Year
320 hours
Classes from September to July
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm/6:00pm

Participant Limit

Min: 8
Max: 16
12 x 260,00€
+180€ Application fee


Artists who want to specialize in Concept Art; Creative people who want to expand their knowledge; Professionals from the fields of games and image, who would like to learn more about animation and video games.

Professional Opportunities

  • Artists for the video game industry
  • Artists for cinema and the television industry

Course Content


  • Fundamentals of drawing: anatomy, perspective and composition
  • Basic shapes of the human body and some animals 
  • Perspective and landscape for the construction of environment sceneries 
  • Color as a communication tool


  • Work with digital environments, formats, systems and resolutions
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Environment drawing techniques 
  • Selections, layers, typography, fills and effects


  • Fundamentals of Painting
  • Composition, light and shadow, color in a digital environment
  • Techniques, processes and methodologies
  • Materials and textures


  • Conceptual Art and the industry
  • Organization processes and Methodology
  • Thumbnailing
  • Character, Story, World and Concept


  • The Project, the Client and the Briefing
  • Interview, Research,Thumbnailing, Sketch and Concept


  • Blender
  • 2D texture maps on 3D models
  • UV Maps
  • Lighting
  • Cameras


  • Storyboard  and chain production
  • Concept Board and Thumbnail Board
  • Camera Frames, annotation and symbols
  • Storyboard from a script


  • Drawing what you see
  • Perspective and distortions
  • Vanishing point
  • Plans / angles and framing


  • Creation and development of an individual portfolio
  • Communication strategies and orality 
  • Tools and strategies for business creation



  • Possibility to apply for a 320h Internship for the trainees who fulfill the requirements for JUMP – Professional Integration Support



Facilities and Equipment

  • Classrooms with individual workstations in an Apple (iMac) environment;
  • Huion Kamvas pen displays and Wacom pen tablets;
  • Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Illustrator, etc; Blender.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Classrooms with individual workstations in an Apple (iMac) environment;
  • Huion Kamvas pen displays and Wacom pen tablets;
  • Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Illustrator, etc; Blender.



Pricing ​​

Monthly Fees:
9 x 346,67€
+120€ Application fee
12 x 260,00€
+180€ Application fee
Special Discounts (not combinable):
save 234€
Application until 31/05
save 312,00€
Full payment until 31/05;
Former Trainees - Instalments;
(+120€ Application fee)
save 156,00€
Application until 31/07
save 234,00€
Full Payment until 31/07
(+ 120€ Application fee)
save 78€
Full Payment until 30/09
(+ 120€ Application fee)
save 390€
Full Payment - Former Trainees
(+ 120€ Application fee)

Application Process

The applications take place between the months of March and September, until the beginning of the school year and classes, as long as there are vacancies in the courses. 

These can be done after the verification of the admission conditions, upon the payment of the registration and submitting the following documents: 

  • Curriculum vitae / Biography
  • 1 passport photo (digital or printed)
  • Certificate of habilitations 
  • Documents from the Candidate and the Responsible for the payment (National Identification Card + Taxpayer Identification Number + Proof of Address: water, electricity or telephone bills or driving license) 
  • Completing and Signing the application form and the training contract


Schedule a personal interview at:

  • 289 823 359 / 960 309 550

Optional - send an email answering the following questions: 

  • Why am I applying for this course? 
  • What are mdisk utiltyy motivations? 
  • What are my professionals aspirations? 

Attend the interview previously scheduled by the Pedagogical Director:

  • Present your portfolio
  • Await for the results of your application

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